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Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances Media/Magazine/TV/EasyGetMeRecords/MasterMataz is facing closure, We will be ceasing business from 31st December 2016 All customers will be reimburse for November issue. October was our last issue.

Thank you for allowing us to be able to serve you and your journey. We wish this was not our outcome. We no longer have the resources to continue.

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Looking forward to propel your music career? BeatPulse Media Limited can help you. Our company focuses on providing artists with the visibility their music deserves, particularly through media as diverse as online and physical press. We also operate a video network, Beatpulse TV, where we promote the best videos from the artists we are passionate about.

We strongly believe in empowering bands and musicians to taking control of their success. This is why we created a host of free resources that artists can use to bring their career to the next level. In addition, we also developed the “fans raise bands” system in order to help artists engage with their fans in a productive and flexible way.

If you are passionate about making quality music and promoting your work with an innovative approach, we are looking for you!

Don’t hesitate to get in touch and feel free to contact us to find out more!

BeatPulseMedia and its sister companies are committed to bringing the world of music and other media into a new age with innovative artists that are as passionate about their art as we are.

We’re in the Business of Helping Creativity Shine it’s true Potential, Lets Inspire! Bringing the Indie and Major World Together.

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