Human Being / Earth



Jaycer formerly known as MasterMataz
High school drop out at 15 years old.

P.A at 19 years

Substantial Event Organiser at 21 years.

Registered Charity Founder by 26 years.

Re-educated, graduated at 32 years.

Certified Life Coach by January 2017

Currently Company Director of
BeatPulse Media Limited.

BeatPulse TV

EasyGetMe Records

Once was known as the artist that was MasterMataz.

The Greatest Life Changing Moments.

Skydived a burning building with lucky number 13 on the door at 12 years.

Appeared on TV at 12 years.

Entered alone at 16 years into Famous Enfield Poltergeist House. Became friends with family.

Beginning of the UK Rave Scene

Thrown out of Parachute Regiment for noncompliance to conditioning before 21 years.

Thrown into the DJ World as a favour without any experience. Kid from nothing to stage in one night to a lifetime passion.

Living on streets

3 Major legal name changes.

Overcoming fear of death and loss.

Wrote a book or two.

Never understood the meaning of giving up.

Spiritually active since 16 years to present day.

Knowing the difference between choice and an excuse.

Vanished from the UK. Re-appeared travelling through the middle east living on the streets with no luggage or money for 21 days. Given the choice to return to the UK.

Passion, drive and desire to meet my mission. Kept going regardless. Discovered one of the greatest adventures of my life meeting wonderful peaceful human beings. without knowing a word of the languages. Faced many challenges. Tattooed Saalm on my neck in celebration of my triumph and victory home.

100% responsible for me.
and much much more…. Proud of the Man I came to be….
Produced around 400 songs since my journey began.
Successful to me is the art of “Happiness”
What makes me Happy? Being Happy 🙂




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