Creative Female to Business Owner Opportunity Currently looking for a creative female 18 to 30 with ambition to succeed.

Model – experience not required. Hot and stunning a woman who can naturally turn heads, modelling not a required skill, all skills can be learned. Modelling work carried out inside our London studio.

The face of a brand. You’ll become the main face of the brand across all companies.

Creative imagination, to travel beyond normal boundaries. Open and willing to try new things. Being adventurous.

Embrace their sexuality Comfortable within your own skin, willing to express your fantasy through art.

London Based Studio Lives within the London area, or at minimum willing to relocate.

Working to Partner Ownership 1-year trial period working towards becoming major shareholder in companies.

model to empire opportunityYou will eventually replace the current face of our brands until everything is based around yourself.

I began my journey this year determined to create an equal planet between both male and female I don’t publicise how. You won’t find out unless you’re a partner share holder. You’ll become the face of our mission female element of an equal world.

We shall build an empire together creating many products including new adventures new creative ideas and new companies. If this sounds like you then contact also on MasterMataz

Apply only if the following fits you:
1. Your willing to be a game changer.
2. You don’t follow advice from anyone but yourself.
3. You believe 100% in a fair equal planet for both men and women.
4. Your imagination inspires you.
5. Open minded.
6. Single.
7. Willing to share Social media responsibilities’
8. Keen to have an opinion and express even if it sounds daft.
9. Intelligent, caring, sexy, humorous.
10. Deep thinker. Not a surface level person. Unless surrounding people are.
11. Ability to make fast on the spot decisions if called upon.
12. If you fail at anything you shrug it off forget and move on.
13. You’re a winner and you know this on all levels.
14. You succeed because you’ll enjoy the process.
15. You take life in the stress-free zone.
16. You don’t care about winning or losing you’ll enjoy the adventure.
17. At a moment’s notice your willing to travel the world.
18. You enjoy life as there is no other meaning.
19. Your focus is on the adventure not the outcome.
20. You’re comfortable in your own skin.
Final thoughts from me. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, your colour, creed all meaningless. You see yourself as human being full stop equal to all. No other label need apply. 

20 main Requirements for applying if it’s you. Saves many questions. You’ll have an inner knowing

Some rules to our mission. This is how we shall create.

I like to play games. Role play mainly in public crowded situations the aim of this game is to shock the public pattern break them with a storyline they never quite see coming…

Another game I like as a Pisces the art of flow is make my opponent think they worked me out then shock without notice in any way I see fit. Even knowing I do this never quite keeps my opponent prepared.

I see life as one great movie game I’m the leading role.

Rules of the game I’m in control until it’s your turn.

Then you get to choose the scene and how you want to play.

You’re not allowed to give clues to what happens next.

Play your part and play is fucking well.

No violent games are allowed.

You assume your role and become it.

You can take inspiration from anywhere even a movie.

You play it once and reinvent constantly keeping the game fun and alive.

You shall become the greatest actress ever known, where we play out each scene for real. We shall create plentiful throughout the process.

I’ve had plenty of practice at this game so I’m looking for my ultimate opponent