Singer Wanted for One Life Pop Song

Singers wanted at EasyGetMe Records and BeatPulse Media who are looking for a female singer

  • 1. We are looking for a singer with experience who can write their own lyrics to the song, or change up our lyrics or sing as written.

One Life Demo

Our Lyrics

Singer wanted for One Life

Verse 1
Keep my guard up all the time,
no reason to let myself fall I am not gonna give my heart to break,
ay ay so you say
Been hurt too many times before,
let em all in,
now I’m on the floor I only wanna live one way,
that’s right,
just don’t leave me tonight

Verse 2
If you wanna give up,
if you wanna go, pack it all up,
I’m not saying no I get along fine by myself,
I don’t need anybody else
Follow this path where does it lead,
who cares as long as your happy
Only so many days in a life,
so lets do it right.

I got only one life I’m gonna live right,
let it all go tonight
Doesn’t matter what tomorrow brings,
just keep on smiling
No ones gonna bring me down today,
forget about yesterday
Forget about yesterday…

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